Prenatal Pilates

Our Prenatal Pilates program is an ideal workout for moms-to-be. The moves strengthen the entire body, especially the muscles used during labor: the abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor. Practicing Pilates regularly also can relieve lower-back discomfort and other pregnancy-induced aches and pains, as well as help you feel supple and relaxed. We will also work on upper back strength and posture to counter the effects of a heavier chest and forward reaching posture . Arm strength is also a must! You will be carrying babies and bags so lets get ready!

Your class will consist of a small group of women at varying stages of pregnancy and is being taught by an experienced certified trainer and 2 time mom who is expecting her third! Join us ( with your Dr.’s permission of course) for a workout that is fun, effective and safe.

No classes currently scheduled. However if you would like to get 3 friends together we will start one for you!


Please note that a consent form from your OB is required to participate