What Our Clients Say

Larry S., Medford, OR

I am a 76 year old male who needed some type of workout that would retain my strength and flexibility. I was torn between the gym and Pilates which builds inner core strength and flexibility with resistance exercises. I started and was pleased with the results after the five private lessons I took to evaluate my needs. Before Pilates, my balance was off when I tried to ride a bike with my teenage grandson and it was not a pleasant experience. After two months of Pilates training I now ride my bike with confidence and enjoy my rides with my grandson. I recommend Pilates to seniors and anyone looking to build inner core strength, flexibility and balance.

Phil, Medford, OR

I am a 65 year old single digit golfer who over the last several years has been suffering from back pain that has limited the frequency of golf I can play. After having back surgery and going through the rehab and physical therapy process for 12 weeks I was once again cleared to play golf. My expectation was that I would be playing pain free but this was not the case and I had to rely on pain medication to make it through a round of golf. I met with doctors and therapists and the concensus was clear; that I needed to build my core strength and flexibility. After looking at several options my wife suggested I try Pilates. I had always thought Pilates was for women taught by women. This led me to the men's core strength class taught by Peter. I committed to one month, twice a week after which I would evaluate my results. The month is up and I played four rounds of golf this week, pain free, without medication. Am I where I need to be? No, but I've made some major improvements. By the way the increase in flexibility and strength has resulted in a better turn and 20-25 years on the tee and 8-10 years on the fairway.

Mike Clifton

Debbie was a dream to work with; we worked with her for 11-12 years. Workouts were always fun and varied. With her very strong knowledge of physiology, she was a huge help with my long term pain. She balanced my strength and my body, which helped with a lot of other problems, like chronic shoulder pain.

Nona Clifton

I never got tired of going to visit DJ. She was always up-beat, and made it all fun. She had the ability to work you out and not leave you aching. My husband and I would always say the next day, “Hey, Debbie snuck another workout in on us while we were having fun.” We wouldn’t hurt, but we could tell we did something, and we got stronger, more flexible, with better wind, sometimes without even realizing it. Her knowledge of what her clients need is incredible. I would come in with a stiffness or a pain, and she would ALWAYS know whether I should work it out or rest. She never missed; it was as if she could read my knee or my elbow. I was in awe. The workout was different all the time, and she came up with new and interesting things to do. Not only does she have the science, but she is an artist, if such a thing can be said about a personal trainer. If she ever moves back, I’ll be the first one to sign up!

Erica Hirschmann

Working out with Debbie was more like a partnership. We discussed goals and mapped out a strategy to reach them. With her help I did my first Danskin Triathlon and hiked the mountains of Peru for 5 days to Machu Picchu.

Joey Nessif

I enjoyed training with you for 5+ years. You were always attentive to the details of proper form in both weight training and Pilates and extremely knowledgeable regarding the mechanics and function of the human muscular system. I always knew I could rely on your expertise as well as personal support in reaching my physical goals, even when I would give up on them myself. The day that we completed the Honolulu Marathon in Dec 2005 will always remain in my list of Top 10 best days. Thanks for all your efforts on my behalf. I miss our workouts.

Monique Elfman

Redmond, Wa.

Debbie is a tremendous fitness and Pilates instructor. I have been seeing her for over 5 years, and now that she has moved I and my body miss her terribly. Debbie, through her many years of experience knows what it takes to bring a person’s individual body up to a healthy status. She takes time to “learn” your strengths and weaknesses and uses that to tailor exercise programs to meet the challenges. She is firm without being pushy and is extremely attentive to your needs.

I have more strength and control than I ever thought I could possibly have at the age of 60, all due to Debbie’s training. If I could clone her I would. I highly recommend her services.

Lynne Fricks

Redmond, Wa.

I met Debbie at a time when I questioned whether middle- age weight gain could be controlled or even reversed. She assured me it could and convinced me to take a chance. Her approach makes even new comers to weight training and exercise feel comfortable and capable. I lost pounds and body fat under her expert guidance as well as gained an improved mental attitude. Her Interest in me went beyond workouts , She encouraged me to be more aware of nutrition as well as appreciate who I was. Her positive attitude is infectious! She brings knowledge, positive encouragement, and emotional support to the workout. It was with regret that I learned she was moving out of the area. Her new clients however will come to love working with her, as I did! I highly recommend her services!

Named the BEST Again!

Thank You to all of our clients for voting us the BEST Pilates studio in Southern Oregon……AGAIN! This is the 6th year that we have been nominated and voted the best. Whooo hooo!